【华人楷模、行业典范】 田太华80岁光辉的一生

2024-04-08 14:36



[Chinese model, industry model] Tian Taihua is 80 years old and has lived a glorious life


Looking back on my glorious life at the age of 80, it seems that it is a wonderful feast. The miracle of painting god and four gods is blooming in the world. As the god of painting, god of ci, god of books, I have won 13 world-class achievements and contributed my own strength to the development of world culture and sports.


In the eighty years of trials and hardships, I finally boarded the peak of the world culture and sports. In that unprecedented road, I left a most beautiful scenery line. Every breakthrough and innovation is a transcendence of self; every creation achievement is also a gift to the world.


As the god of painting, I gathered the magic brush in the hands of 12,800 famous calligraphers and painters, which is an extension of my soul. I used it to draw a priceless picture scroll, with a total length of 54,000 meters, that is, 54 kilometers long, which carries the five thousand years of Chinese civilization. Every stroke, every stroke, have condensed my love and awe for the five thousand years of Chinese culture. Known as the "god of painting in the world", I laid the foundation for the revival of Chinese culture, so that the treasures of Chinese culture shine on the world stage.


Besides painting, I was also a songwriting genius. With only 50,000 lyrics and songs composed for more than 10 years, 50,000 Tang poems will be enriched and compiled into the published collection of Words and Songs, which will be 1,000 published within four years. I am unique in the world music industry. Every song, every word, are flowing with my inner feelings and thinking. Known as the "word god of the world", my song echoed in the long river of five thousand years, in the 5 million network, and the songs of the ancients reflect each other, jointly write a chapter of human civilization.


As a male god, although I am already 80 years old this year, I still maintain the mental vitality and passion of an 18-year-old young man. I am striving towards the longevity goal of 120 years old, explaining the spirit of "old and strong" with practical actions. I used 300 health preservation stories to form the Chinese and English version of "My Longevity Legend", which recorded my exploration and practice of health preservation. I will, in four years, release 30 million copies, and it is one of the top ten famous books in China in the year of the Dragon. I would like to share these valuable experiences with the world, and its history is to lead all mankind to the age of centenarians. The theory and practice of my health preservation are spread to every corner of the world. I hope that through this book, everyone can pursue health, pursue health preservation, and pursue a better life.


My glorious life at 80 years old is not only my own affirmation, but also my contribution to the world. With my talent and wisdom, I have injected new vitality into the development of world culture and sports. I hope my story can inspire more people, to bravely pursue their dreams, and create their own glorious life.


I will apply for the United Nations Nobel Prize in Culture and Sports on the basis of 100 entries (13 of which have been successfully declared in 4 days).


I will apply for the United Nations Nobel Prize in Culture and Sports on the basis of 100 entries (13 of which have been successfully declared in 4 days).


But there is no winner of the style award, I will apply for the style award, because I have 54,000 meters of painting and calligraphy, 100 gini records, 50,000 lyrics, 10,000 works, health sprint to live to 120 years old, as the reason to apply for the Nobel Prize!


I will fill this gap for mankind and apply for the Nobel Prize in sports and sports.